Round 3 Full Schedule
Hey Guys - here is the full schedule. Kelsey our webmaster will post it in the next day or so. If you see any errors let me know. I am travelling for 11 days and may not have immediate email contact. Please email and one of the executive will pick up the email if I do not. No texts in the short term.
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Date Posted: 2018-01-25
Posted By: Glen Cook
Cancellation Contact Information
Hi Guys - if you need to cancel/forfeit a game - please cc after you contact the other team by txt or email. Email - preferred. The will reroute to my new phone and personal email and cc the rest of the executive if I am unavailable. One of us will contact the officials to cancel the ref and try to save us some money. Remember try to provide 24 hours notice.
Date Posted: 2018-01-24
Posted By: Glen Cook
Round 3 Week One plus Team ID
Hi guys - here is week one. Again since some teams end up changing game-nights there will likely be some challenges. Good luck.

There are 2 unique scheduling adjustments due to short turnaround. One Tier 5 game is on Thursday and one Tier 7 game is also on Thursday.

We have added a 72nd team. Red River Pirates are returning as version 2.0. If you are still looking to join a team - contact
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Date Posted: 2018-01-20
Posted By: Glen Cook
Final Standings Round 2
Check it out. These rankings will be used to set up Round 3. Top two teams move up and bottom two teams move down. One exception, Tier 4 winner have declined to move up due to scheduling conflicts with play on Thursdays if they moved to Tier 3. Tier 3 7th place will remain in Tier 3. Looking to add a 72nd team for round 3 in Tier 9. Let me know if you see any errors in the results as I will post Round 3 shortly.
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Date Posted: 2018-01-20
Posted By: Glen Cook
Round 2 Ends This week
Hey Guys - check your stats and let me know if you see any problems. We are working on getting all the outstanding scores posted so standings can be finalized as soon as practicable. Look for initial final standings after Thursday evening. Hope to post Round 3 - week one schedule late Friday night.
Date Posted: 2018-01-15
Posted By: Glen Cook
Final Standings
These are the final rankings for Round 1. Top 2 go up and bottom 2 teams go down. I should have Round 2 Week 1 posted shortly.
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Date Posted: 2017-11-17
Posted By: Glen Cook
Coaching Opportunity - Time to give Back!
Anyone interested in doing some club coaching please contact: Lee J. Montgomery ( or 204 294 8881)
Date Posted: 2017-11-14
Posted By: Glen Cook
Summary of Referee Instructions for 2017
No changes from previous years. New teams take note. Contact me if you have any questions. Glen
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Date Posted: 2017-10-11
Posted By: Glen Cook
Tier 9 Note
We have 71 teams in the league. All tiers have 8 teams except Tier 9. There are only 7 teams in Tier 9 so one team each week will have a bye. If you know a group looking to join let me know. We would like to add the 72 team to balance our schedule.
Date Posted: 2017-10-06
Posted By: Glen Cook
Team Tier Lineups and Team Contact Names
Here you go.
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Date Posted: 2017-09-29
Posted By: Glen Cook